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The pwframework is a framework that helps to simplify php development in conjunction with Joomla.



This page describes PWframework version 1.8.x


The PWFramework was originally developed for PHP general usage. When starting develoming Joomla applications I ported it to a Joomla components suitable for version 1.0 and 1.5. The benefit was that I could create a single extension suitable for both the versions without duplicate code. Since Joomla 1.0 is well in the past and since [Alex Jonk|I'm ] such a Joomla enthusiast and hardly used in anywhere else, I ported it to more specific Joomla plugin instead of a component. The fact that its a plugin instead of a component has lots of benefits especially for developers since initialization is no done by the Joomla (plugin)Framework and no longer by the application it self, so less boiler template code.


The sole purpose of the framework is to develop fast and robust without boiler template code. Another aspect is that as a PHP developer you want to prevent HTML, CSS and Javascript coding as much as possible. The framework helps you with that. One of the greatest benefits of a framework like this, is that the code has been tested and proven successful. Hurdles like weird errors and other time consuming obstacles have been taken so you know it works.

What can it do?

Well, quit a lot. The framework will help with the following and more:

Major benefits

Is it for me?

Well sure, but like any framework, it works when the documentation is in order. With this framework it is not yet in order. At this point there is not more than some code scripts that might help you get started but other than that you need to get from the code :-(.

Code samples

Hello World



Installation is simple. Just install it like any other joomla component. Go to the plugin manager and enable the plugin. There are currently 4 options:

Unless specified otherwise leave it as is.

Install pwframework.jpg

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