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Hi and welcome to the Rokin Gallery plugin setup.


Media:Plg rokingallery cooliris


Before we continue I make a couple of assumptions here:

You have already setup Rokin Gallery( See rokin manual) You have already installed and enabled the plugin (see a joomla manual) You have installed and setup Rokin Gallery Cooliris 3d Wall addon (found in the downloads). This is required since this plugin renders the 3D wall too and needs the xml feeds generated by this addon. You have setup the crossdomain.xml required for the 3D wall. If you have not the 3D wall flash gallery will tell you how to do so.

Now adding a 3D wall to an article is very simple.


So whats it say and how and what do we need?


The tag above is replaced by the 3D wall and the plugin uses this configuration to display your album. The line is delimited by ":". and splits up the configuration

The first entry 5087427379128327681 is the only mandetory one. This is the album id. To find your album id go to the Rokin gallery admin page and open up the gallery of which you want an album to show. It then shows a list of all available albums.


The Id base is the id you are looking for

The second entry is the width, default = 600

The third entry is de height, default = 600

The Foruth entry is the numbers of rows, default = 3

The Fifth entry is display navigation arrows, default = true

The Sixth entry is display of descriptions, default = true

The Seventh and last is the style, default is black other options are black | dark | light | white


Now save your article and your front end should look like this, with other picutres I asume ;-)

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